Think like a tree blog

Welcome!  You’ll find all sorts of musings here.  About the natural principles, living a better life, a bit about me and my journey, with a bit of evolutionary biology and tree wisdom thrown in for good measure.  Enjoy, and if you think these ideas are worth passing on please share on social media and with your friends…

Ripping up the rule-book of life
Several billion generations ago our great, great, great… ancestor was also the common ancestor of trees.  We share the same
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Plain English please
So, today I’m going to write one of my preoccupations at the moment – jargon, complex language and the inaccessibility
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Poem – being part of the earth not apart from it
One of the joys of leading courses is to witness the creativity of the participants. There are so many talented
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Introducing the natural principles
There are patterns common to all living things – these have been developed into a set of principles. Some are
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Why I am happier and healthier because I think like a tree
My name’s Sarah and the bad news for me is that I’ve struggled for most of my life.  Struggled with
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Apprentices of nature
Biomimicry Do you have a problem?  The chances are nature has already solved it.  Biomimicry is one field where learning
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