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We associate trees and woodlands with harmony, health and vitality. And yet so often we struggle to experience these qualities in our everyday lives.

What if we could harness the wisdom of the forest for ourselves?

Think like a Tree: The natural principles guide to life, the first guide of its kind, reveals the underlying principles of nature’s secrets of success one by one. These natural principles evolved over billions of years – they are the rules and patterns that all living things have in common for: finding purpose; growth and success; solving problems; building resilience; creating ideal conditions to thrive; developing positive relationships and leaving a legacy for the future. At its heart is the observation that each one of us, just like each tree in a woodland, is unique and therefore we must navigate our own positive journey through life.

Author, Sarah Spencer explains, “I noted the patterns that I saw around me in the woods and applied them in my life to recover from chronic illness and to improve my overall wellbeing. By mimicking the ways nature is healthy and resilient I was able to heal myself and become happier and more fulfilled in the process. I now share the principles with other people so they can use the principles and associated tools to put them into action, whatever their circumstances.”

Drawing on woodland examples from around the globe, Think like a Tree shares the amazing abilities of trees, their, evolutionary success stories and their abilities to heal.

Real-world case studies demonstrate how the Think like a Tree principles are being applied right now by people around the world.

Exercises for each of the 42 principles allow readers to put into practice the wisdom shared by the living world in this unique and practical personal development book.

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Sarah Spencer lives on a beautiful smallholding in the National Forest in Derbyshire, UK with her family. She has developed and used the Think like a Tree principles in her own life. Sarah lives with a rare chronic illness, and in 2015 she was confined to bed and in a wheelchair. She turned to the principles she observed around her in nature to design her way back to health. Her journey has now lead her to share her insights to help others via Think like a Tree courses and workshops, supporting adults and children.