“Sarah showed me a way to do this that was very practical and easy – like opening a door, which is a big thing when you’ve been lost and struggling for so long and don’t know how or where to begin.”

“I’d like to thank you for providing such a remarkable course.  I am so glad I decided to attend”

“This course has provided me with the tools and impetus to make the changes I need to  – to improve my life.”

“Profoundly life changing – it simply made me feel like I do have a say in my life, that I could have control over my life again and choose my path, and how to achieve things (through small and slow solutions), and how to harness and make changes for the better.  It’s not that difficult and beyond our reach, when as Sarah has demonstrated in the course, that simply distilling down and being taught the natural principles as applied to our own lives.  It has turned my negative thoughts of insurmountable impossibilities into actual possibilities.”

“Learning the natural principles has already helped me a lot”

“It was more jam-packed with useful personal life tools than I expected”

“[The highlight for me was]… just taking the time to be in nature”

“The core aim of the course was also a huge highlight – understanding ourselves better by understanding the systems in nature – there is no better way to live our lives in my opinion!”

“Think Like a Tree was fantastic. Time to think about and focus on yourself and your own way forward with lots of gems on resilience and confidence building along the way. A positive experience all round.”

“It’s turned my life around”