Compassion-focused ways of working effectively in groups (online)




Compassion Focused ways of working effectively in groups

This series of four workshops will explore working with and understanding group dynamics through the lens of compassion and the scientific underpinning of compassion. There will be a practical experiential focus to these sessions to develop knowledge and skills to feel more confident and skilled in engaging in and with group based activities.

This unique programme has been commissioned to offer tools and support relevant to groups working to make our world better in a wide variety of different ways.

Trainer: Dr. Kate Lucre is a researcher, trainer and psychotherapist, specialising in working with groups from a compassion focused perspective.

Dates:  Mondays May: 10, 17, 24 and June: 7 2021     Time: 7.30 – 9.30pm

Format:  Zoom online

Cost: £20

When booking please state which group you are part of in the comments section.

This programme has the aim of expanding, empowering and upskilling groups working to meet local and global challenges and is funded by The National Lottery Community Fund, distributed by Transition Network and is being organised by Transition Leicester and Think like a Tree.    Look for more information about Transition: Bounce Forward at


Please note that you must commit to attending all 4 sessions when booking. Why? Because sessions build on each other; because we will be working and getting to know each other as a group; and because we want to show funders that their money is doing what we said (and hopefully this may be a pilot to be rolled out around the UK.)  Come prepared to attend all sessions and to join in with the group activities.

Who is the programme for?

Anyone who would like to learn skills so that their group can be more effective, avoid challenges and cope with group issues when they arise.  To be able to change the world, we need tools to be able to work together.

More details:

Compassion Focused ways of working effectively in groups

This series of group-based workshops are designed to offer some practical and playful ways
of understanding how our brains work and how we can use the science of compassion to
explore ways of working more effectively in groups.

Workshop 1 – 120 mins
We will get started with some ideas about how our brains are set up and learn how, by
understanding our own minds, we can manage difficult feelings and situations. We will
explore our own tricky brains and how this has impacted on being locked down, home
working, maybe home schooling, home training or stuck in furlough.

The significant challenges we face in returning to our group-based activities will be the focus
of the sessions with practical ways to work with the difficulties and blocks. Some initial ideas
about work with group dynamics and managing our own and other’s ‘shadow’ or dark side
which can emerge in groups.

Things can then get practical with group-based discussions and an introduction to
compassionate mind training, how we can train our minds with imagery and breathing. It
might not be the first thing that comes to mind but the science of compassion really does
have a lot to offer us in improving self-care, how we support others and how we can allow
ourselves to be looked after.

Workshop 2 – 120 mins
This workshop will build on the ideas around group dynamics and explore in more detail how
we can use the science of compassion and compassionate mind training to develop
awareness of ourselves and others with practical ways to facilitate more effective group
A compassion focused group work model will be introduced with opportunities to take part in
experiential group-based activities to explore the potential utility of this within different

Workshop 3 – 120 mins
This workshop will get more practical and more playful and we will be thinking about the idea
of having a compassionate kitbag. If we were climbing a mountain, we would have a kitbag
with everything we needed to sustain us on the journey. Imagine having a kitbag that had
Compassion Focused ways of working effectively in groups everything we needed real and symbolic to manage working in groups in lockdown and beyond.
This workshop will be more practice based and I will introduce ways we can calm and
energise our nervous system with imagery, breathing and sensory techniques. These
practices can be helpful to us. We will learn how to use the science and practice of
compassion to bring balance and strength in mind and body.

Workshop 4 – 120 minutes
In this workshop we will draw together the threads from the sessions and consider practical
ways to incorporate new learning into current practice with further opportunities for group
based experiential practice.

This initiative will be utilising theory and practice from Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT;
Gilbert, 2009)

Compassionate Mind Foundation – Home of the Science of Compassion The Compassionate
Mind Foundation
The compassionate Kitbag, a short video Kate Lucre and the Compassionate Kit Bag –
Compassionate Kit Bag (
An interview with me about Compassion Focused Therapy Kate Lucre Interview (April 2020)
on Vimeo
A journal article on the Compassionate Kitbag The Compassionate Kitbag: A creative and
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Paul Gilbert’s talk on Safe Relating Nature of Compassion, Fear, Safe Relating & World Change: Part One on Vimeo

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