Design cafe 22 September (via Zoom)




6.30 to 8.30pm via Zoom

For anyone who has completed the Think like a Tree course at any time.

Aims for the design cafe:

  • bring your design (at any stage of design)
  • share your learning – what have you found useful, what have you found tricky?
  • see how others have got on, and how they are using Think like a Tree
  • share which principles have inspired you the most
  • design support from three Think like a Tree facilitators (Sarah, Milly and Sam)
  • networking and strengthening our ‘mycelial network’ of mutual connection

Your design may be a few notes, or a visual feast, it doesn’t matter – it’s what it means to you that’s important.

Whether you’re actively designing or haven’t looked at the Think like a Tree materials for a long time this design cafe is for you.

Cost £20

I’m sure this year has been difficult for some of you so get in touch if you would like a ‘pay as you feel’ place