Facilitator training




This training aims to equip you to:

  • Run the Think like a Tree in your own venue
  • Integrate the programme and principles into your existing discipline, such as: wellbeing, education, counselling, complementary therapy, business or organisational management, workplace wellbeing, life-coaching, health, mental health, disability etc.
  • Adapt the programme for different audiences, such as children, specific needs groups.

The training will take the form of a three-day course (16,17,18 August 2021) at Whistlewood Common, south Derbyshire plus a portfolio.

Note: you will also need to complete a Think like a tree programme prior to the training course.

If you would like to adapt Think like a Tree for children there is also the option to join a network of people taking this forward.

Think like a tree facilitator’s course

Aims and Objectives

The course aims to equip participants with skills and knowledge to be able to:

  1. Teach the Think like a tree six-week programme
  2. Teach the programme in a three day (or other) format
  3. Adapt the programme to specific client groups as required – eg children, young adults, corporate groups, specific needs groups, wellbeing practice, 1:1 sessions.

For full details of the course please click here   Please read before booking

Please pay via bank transfer.

Cancellation:  We will of course be refunding anyone who cannot attend for Covid reasons – their own Covid illness or requirements to self-isolate, or new lockdown restrictions.

Planning session:

If you are coming on the course we hope you can attend a facilitator’s planning session on Tuesday 1 June at 7 – 9pm via Zoom. There is no additional charge for this session.

We will be discussing the course, any questions you have about your designs and the portfolios, and most importantly how to make the event as Covid-safe as possible.  We would like your input on this and everyone attending the facilitator course will be required to agree to Covid precautions.  We are confident that we can create a course that works for everyone.


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