FREE online workshop – introduction to regenerative business/organisations 16 February



Friday 16 February 2024

12.00 – 1.30pm UK time

with Sarah Spencer 

Do you feel out of alignment with the traditional business paradigm of extractive, fear-based, machine-mindset ways of thinking and working?

Are you looking for a way of working that can allow you, your team and your organisation to thrive in our increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world?

We’re here for future-focused leaders, coaches, changemakers and curious, purpose-led individuals waiting to discover how to transform your business or organisation into a thriving, dynamic, interconnected, innovative and resilient ecosystem full of potential.

Supporting you to grow more engaged, productive, and sustainable teams and collaborations that actively contribute to healthier organisations and a thriving world.

Regenerative, nature-inspired alternatives already exist, and offer a new way of doing business, one that builds, creates and inspires, tapping into the potential to evolve and grow that is within every one of us.

With so many leaders, team-members and customers feeling burned-out, stressed and overwhelmed, it’s time to do business differently, in a way that is inspired by the flow and dynamism of the living world.  Where we learn to embrace uncertainty, benefit from change and find the potential in collaborations.

In this interactive online workshop you will be encouraged to experience living-systems success for yourself, exploring the part regenerative approaches can play in transforming your business or organisation.

We’ll share our unique frameworks which will help simplify regenerative – ensuring that they support you and your endeavours rather than adding to your burden.

We’ll also cover the wide-ranging benefits of adopting a regenerative approach – for you, for your people and for the world.

You’ll also learn more about our programmes for businesses and organisations with an opportunity to ask questions:

Think like a Forest Regenerative Organisation FUNDAMENTALS, (for leaders, team-members and changemakers)

Think like a Forest Regenerative Organisation ADVENTURE (if you would prefer a whole-team programme)


This workshop is offered by Reaching People and is open to everyone.

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