Think like a Tree and Think like a Forest exist to support people to unleash their potential, guided by the principles of living systems (nature), so that everyone – individuals, families, organisations, businesses and communities – can evolve and grow in a way that is healthy, resilient and abundant.

We offer training and mentoring, in-person and online, as well as books and audio.


Founded in 2017 by Sarah Spencer, Think like a Tree came out of Sarah’s extensive studies and experience in permaculture, systems-thinking, regenerative business and other nature-inspired disciplines. 

Recognizing that regenerative ways of thinking, being and doing, represented the future, Sarah set about designing training, programmes and books to bring nature-inspired solutions to the mainstream.

Joined by talented Think like a Tree facilitators from a diverse range of disciplines, the network has expanded and now offers training, coaching and consultancy to a wide range of audiences – individuals, organisations and families.

One such partnership lead to the creation of Think like a Forest, for organisations and businesses. 

From the start, Sarah and the team have been guided by natural principles, patterns and a design process that has kept momentum even when times have been tough.

These natural principles provide a strong set of ethics and values that runs throughout their work, and provide frameworks for the work with and for clients.

Through her determination and guided by nature’s wisdom, Sarah has overcome chronic illness to build a strong and resilient network with a diversity of choices to address the struggles that people face in their personal and business lives.

In 2023 Think like a Tree was shortlisted for the International Lush Spring Prize for their work in the regenerative sphere.

The network is modelled on the mycelial network of beneficial fungi in relationship with trees, making it adaptable, agile, resilient, healthy and capable of evolving in response to the changing circumstances of our times.  It is this type of nature-inspired wisdom that we share with our clients.


At Think like  a Tree We believe the journey we must all take has 3 inter-connected paths, and our programmes reflect this journey.

– Deeply connect with nature (undertaking a mindset shift to see ourselves as part of nature)

– Learn from nature’s wisdom (from the patterns, principles and processes that make up nature’s evolutionary process of success)

– Take action (be the change we want to see in the world, acting in a nature-inspired, regenerative way)

The regenerative future will have no tick-box solutions, however, at Think like a Tree, we have the frameworks, tools, principles and expert support to guide your transition to regenerative. All in clear, easy-to-use formats.

The shift we must all make will be both practical and psychological shift, seeking true wellbeing, abundance and thriving for all.

And creating a future where we are good ancestors to all life.

Discover solutions for:


You are looking for novel tools and ideas for your life’s challenges and know that traditional, one-size-fits-all methods are not for you…

You are curious about what a nature-inspired approach might have to offer your unique circumstances.

Businesses and Organisations

You want to know how to combine purpose, people, planet, profit and productivity.

You are curious about regenerative leadership, and regenerative business.


You are looking for solutions and resources for the problems that you and your child face.

You are curious about kinder alternatives to the current systems that harm people and planet.

Our Vision:
We’re working toward a world where all organisations, businesses and communities prioritise the wellbeing of people and planet; embracing nature-inspired, regenerative practices as the standard.
Our vision is for a world that creates the conditions for all living beings to thrive, and a future where everyone can achieve their full potential in a healthy and fulfilling way.

Sarah Spencer:

Sarah’s experience in business, organisations, charities, social enterprises as an entrepreneur spans decades. The common thread is the purpose-led nature of her work, for people and planet.

Sarah started her career working as a legal representative and team leader for refugees and asylum-seekers. After the charity she worked for folded in 2010, Sarah turned to her passion for nature, studied permaculture (she holds a Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design) and discovered a whole new world about how nature solves problems and approaches change and adaptability.

She is a founder member of Melbourne Area Transition, seeking community-led solutions to the problems we face, She is a founder member, former chair and lead permaculture designer of Whistlewood Common, a community woodland social enterprise in south Derbyshire. As director and chair, Sarah guided the community-owned Community Benefit Society through startup, two share offers, business planning and new legal and regulatory processes.

She is a trained Forest School Leader and Mental Health First Aider. Sarah lives with a chronic illness that offers her valuable expertise in disability and diversity.

Sarah is a perennial student – devouring hundreds of books and courses on nature-inspired and regenerative solutions, constantly looking for the common strands and solutions to problems that are faced by individuals, businesses, societies and the planet.

She has undertaken in-depth regenerative leadership and design training, and is constantly designing, reflecting and evolving both herself and Think like a Tree.

Sarah is the author of Think like a Tree: the natural principles guide to life. She lives in south Derbyshire with her family on their smallholding where they have planted woodlands, forest gardens, veg gardens, orchards, dug ponds and rewilded areas. Wildlife has rocketed in their 20 year guardianship of the land.