The big artist keeps an eye on nature and steals her tools – Thomas Eakins

The think like a tree programme was created as a practical and accessible way for anyone to harness the wisdom of the natural world, and apply it in their own lives.

Whilst designing landscapes, gardens and woodlands, I realised that the same principles that make natural ecosystems resilient, successful and enduring could be applied to our own lives.

By looking at life in a different way, a walk in the woods could literally be the gateway to a better you, leading to happiness, better wellbeing, health, improved relationships, work, leisure and community…

The methods I share in the course have been applied in my own life.  In 2015 and 16 I was confined to bed and in a wheelchair with a multitude of different chronic illnesses, so I turned to the natural principles to design my way to better health.   Within one year I was able to return to working and since then things have continued to improve.   My journey has now lead me to design a new livelihood – to share my learning to help others achieve their potential, cope with life’s ups and downs, stresses and crises,  health and mental health problems, in a very real and practical way.

I am guided by the natural principles every day – they help when I want to be more productive, in my relationships with others, with my health and happiness, and to help me be more resilient when life doesn’t go to plan.

I hope you will join me to discover the wisdom that the forest can offer…

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A bit about me:  I’m passionate about woodlands, trees and all things natural and I grow food and cut flowers on the nine-acre smallholding that I have shared with my family for the last 15 years.  We have planted woodlands, forest gardens, created an oasis for wildlife, and keep bees and chickens.  I have always felt most at home in the woods, growing up in ancient Charnwood Forest, and now live in the National Forest, a new woodland being created around me.  

I also hold a Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design and I am a founder director and lead designer of Whistlewood Common community woodland social enterprise.  I trained as a forest school leader and was formerly a caseworker providing legal advice and representation to refugees.

Sarah Spencer