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Think like a Tree - Lush Spring Prize shortlisted 2023

Supporting your transition to Regenerative

Hi, we’re JK McQuinn and Sarah Spencer

For us, regenerative isn’t some buzz word or band wagon, its a way of life that we have been living and running our businesses for decades. We do it because we know it makes sense for the health of businesses, ourselves, our people and the planet. 

And we know that if we don’t make this transition quickly, evidence shows there won’t be a healthy civilisation to base our businesses and organisations in.

Whatever your size or type of business or organisations, we’d love to hear the issues you’re currently facing and share how we and our regenerative frameworks and practices can support you and your team. 

We have developed a unique set of frameworks and programmes that will ensure you and your team achieve your potential in a changing world.

What is a regenerative business or organisation?

Regenerative organisations learn from the ways that nature achieves success. Based on the principles that have evolved to make living systems thrive over hundreds of millions of years, regenerative businesses recognise that everything is connected. They act like forests – an inter-connected ecosystem, with mutually-beneficial collaborations and effective mechanisms to ensure that the needs of all are met. They ensure that energy and materials are used effectively, cycling them to achieve healthy growth. They value people and ecosystems above monetary wealth. They are tried and tested, based on dynamic equilibrium, adaptable, innovative and flexible. Regenerative businesses create new life and create conditions conducive to life.

Benefits for:

Your organisation:

Improve innovation and problem-solving

Increase efficiency and productivity

Embed sustainability and pro-environmental behaviours as part of your culture

Increase innovation.

Lower staff turnover. Retain staff and attract new employees easily.

Create products and services in tune with the changing values of  customers

Reap the rewards from valuing diversity

Discover a more adaptive and agile culture, able to respond quickly to changes

Improved relationships with customers and stakeholders

Improved customer service.

Increase mutually-beneficial collaborations, thus keeping costs in check

Transition to the circular economy

Your people - you, your employees, volunteers, stakeholders, local community

A happier workforce

Create working conditions that benefit employees and the organisation

Work for an organisation in tune with their values

Create a more cohesive, collaborative and supportive team

Value the well-being of themselves and others

Reduce Cortisol (the stress hormone) and enhance Serotonin, Dopamine,
and Endorphins (the happy hormones)

Build emotional resilience and creatively respond to change

Value and be valued for their own unique talents, inputs and characteristics

Increased empowerment, innovation and a
sense of purpose

Embed self-care into routines, in tune with
natural rhythms and cycles

More locally-attuned business practices to benefit local people


Think like a Forest: one-day in-person EXPERIENCES

For future-focused leaders, coaches, changemakers and curious individuals

You are looking for:

  • In-person one-day experiences

  • An introduction to regenerative organisations

  • Practical and easy-to-understand ideas

  • A new way of approaching the problems you and your team face

  • Sharing ideas with a diverse group of professionals

  • Beautiful woodland locations

Think like a Forest: Regenerative Organisation FUNDAMENTALS

For future-focused leaders, coaches, changemakers and curious individuals

You are looking for:

  • An online deep-dive into regenerative practices

  • Practical and easy-to-understand solutions for your organisation

  • Online self-study modules, plus

  • Group coaching via zoom

  • Supportive community

  • Inner and outer transformation

  • 3 month programme (approx. 5 hours average per week)

Think like a Forest: Regenerative Organisation ADVENTURE

For whole organisations/whole teams in future-focused organisations

You are looking for:

  • Training to bring regenerative practices into your organisation

  • Practical and easy-to-understand solutions for your team

  • Online self-study modules, plus

  • Whole team coaching via zoom and/or in-person

  • Online or online plus in-person options

  • Skilled and empathetic facilitators

  • Inner and outer transformations for team culture

  • 6 month programme (approx. 5 hours average per week)

Becoming a regenerative organisation means transitioning from the old destructive, extractive paradigm, towards a new way of working and a new way of thinking

Old business

New nature-inspired regenerative business paradigm

  1. Extractive, destructive
  2. Short-term thinking
  3. Wealth/money focused
  4. Reactive to change
  5. Stifles innovation
  6. Linear,wasting
  7. Competitive
  8. Scarcity mindset (there’s a fixed pie)
  9. Fearing (or merely tolerating) diversity
  10. No sense of place
  11. Hierarchical
  12. The organisation as a machine mindset   


  1. Creates new life and new opportunities
  2. Focused on medium and longer term
  3. People, purpose, planet focused
  4. Embraces change and opportunity
  5. Seeks innovation and learning from ‘mistakes’
  6. Circular – materials, energy, knowledge are cycled and used again
  7. Seeking collaborations and reciprocity
  8. Abundance mindset (by working together we make the pie bigger)
  9. Embracing diversity
  10. Locally attuned
  11. Decentralised, empowered decision-making
  12. The organisation as a living system mindset

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Our 12 strands approach - the interconnected elements of a thriving, regenerative business

Using our unique ecosystem-inspired 12-Strands for Regenerative Success framework, we help you and your team to sustainably embed living-system principles into your organisation….

…so that you can grow resilient, engaged, innovative and productive teams that create ever more opportunity.

Watch the video to discover the twelve strands.

Book a clarity call to discuss how we can support you to bring regenerative practices to your organisation.

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Introduction to Regenerative Businesses/Organisations

Think like a Forest
in-person EXPERIENCE

A whole day in nature to discover how you and your organisation can transition to regenerative

About the experience:

Whole-day experiences in beautiful woodland locations, allowing you to deeply immerse in the theory and practice of regenerative business/organisations.

We associate forests with growth, creativity, diversity, connection, strength and resilience – characteristics that make for healthy, vibrant, productive workplace too.

Drawing on learning from nature via disciplines such as biomimicry, ecopsychology, biology, systems thinking, regenerative leadership, psychological safety, permaculture and holistic design frameworks, you will explore how to take small steps towards having a healthy organisation modelled on ecosystem design, with wide-ranging benefits for people, productivity, purpose and planet

Both thought-provoking and practical, at the end of the day you will have:

  • An understanding of regenerative business/organisations/leadership
  • How aiming for regenerative makes all the difference compared to aiming for sustainability (differences that impact employee motivation, customer engagement and your bottom line)
  • An overview of our unique 12-strands for Regenerative Success and a deep-dive into 3 of the 12 strands
  • a taster of ecosystem-mapping
  • an understanding of the importance of observing and understanding the whole system
  • an experience of visioning for your yourself, your organisation and the world
  • practical and achievable ideas to take back to your workplace.

You will spend time in nature as part of the sessions and learn how transforming to regenerative involves an ‘inner’ and ‘outer’ journey for both individual and organisation.

You will experience not only what regenerative looks like, but what it feels like on a deeper level – fundamental to creating a new future for your organisation and its wider ecosystem.

Download the EXPERIENCES information booklet

Think like a Forest: Regenerative Organisation FUNDAMENTALS

Reserve your place now

Think like a Forest Regenerative Organisation Fundamentals, the online training program for future-focused leaders, coaches, changemakers and curious individuals.

Join other aspiring regenerative practitioners inside our online community, where you’ll discover the our unique 12 Strands of Ecosystem-Inspired Success, and how to apply regenerative, living-system approaches to your organisation in practical ways.

Over 3 months you’ll complete 15 modules, plus attend 6 x 2 hour group coaching sessions.

You’ll be part of our online community, supporting each other on your unique journeys to regenerative.

Think like a Forest: Regenerative Organisation ADVENTURE

Think like a Forest Regenerative Organisation Adventure is a whole-team or whole-organisation adventure, with empathetic and knowledgeable guides offering the principles, tools and frameworks to allow you to co-design the future organisation that you want. 

An organisation that creates thriving people, planet, productivity, profits and purpose.

Inside the Adventure you’ll discover the our unique 12 Strands of Ecosystem-Inspired Success, and how to apply regenerative, living-system approaches to your organisation in practical ways.

You’ll follow a design process to manifest your vision for your organisation into action, in a holistic way.

Over 6 months your team will complete 15 modules, plus attend 6 x 2 hour group coaching sessions online or 3 x 2 hour sessions online plus one day in-person.

You are a solopreneur that cares about your business and the people it serves, but you also know that you can’t serve others if you are don’t look after  yourself. That can be difficult to achieve and that’s why taking a holistic design approach is vital to success.

Maybe you have a great idea that you want to bring to fruition but don’t know how to make it a success.

A whopping 20% of small businesses fail in their first year in the UK, and only 1 in 3 manage to survive ten years*. Given the diverse range of pressures on business-owners, taking an active conscious decision to design your business early on reaps huge rewards, making it worth every penny of initial investment.

Our programmes are based on the natural principles that nature has employed for 3.8 billion years, and because your business is also a living system, then you can learn from nature’s history of successful research and development.

Don’t re-invent the wheel – learn from nature to design a regenerative livelihood that’s right for you and the planet. Bring your ideas, your creativity, your spark, your passion, and we’ll give you the tools to design the life and the livelihood you want.

Think like a Tree or Think like a Forest programme? We recommend you check out Think like a Tree as the most suitable course for solopreneurs and small startups. That’s because you’ll be designing your whole life rather than simply concentrating on the business aspects. Of course you’re welcome to do both programmes! 

The Think like  a Tree  programme guides you through the many stages of designing a new or existing business, and at the same time designing the life you want. Choose a group programme or work with us 1 to 1. Either way you’ll come out with a design for your life, livelihood and business, having explored many different options, ideas and established the ground work to make your business a success.

Let us help you design the business that’s right for you, your family, your commitments and your customers.

All of our facilitators have experience of designing and achieving balance in their business and personal lives, whilst offering great services to their clients.

Check out the Think like a Tree programme and the Think like a Forest Experience or Fundamentals  and if you’re unsure which is right for us please get in touch to discuss.


Solopreneurs and Start-ups

For purpose-led solopreneurs and start-ups

We recommend that you take a look at the Think like a Tree group programme or 1 to 1 coaching options which provide a whole-system framework to design your business/life.

You are looking for:

  • A framework to design your new or existing solopreneur business

  • Solutions to design your start business in a regenerative way from the roots up

  • A holistic process that considers your life/health/wellbeing as well as your income

  • Ideal for purpose-led solopreneurs and startups

Your Guides:

Sarah Spencer

Sarah’s experience in business, organisations, charities, social enterprises as an entrepreneur spans decades. The common thread is the purpose-led nature of her work, for people and planet.

Sarah started her career working as a legal representative and team leader for refugees and asylum-seekers. After the charity she worked for folded in 2010, Sarah turned to her passion for nature, studied permaculture (she holds a Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design) and discovered a whole new world about how nature solves problems and approaches change and adaptability.

She is a founder member of Melbourne Area Transition, seeking community-led solutions to the problems we face, She is a founder member, former chair and lead permaculture designer of Whistlewood Common, a community woodland social enterprise in south Derbyshire. As director and chair, Sarah guided the community-owned Community Benefit Society through startup, two share offers, business planning and new legal and regulatory processes.

She is a trained Forest School Leader and Mental Health First Aider. Sarah lives with a chronic illness that offers her valuable expertise in disability and diversity.

Sarah is a perennial student – devouring hundreds of books and courses on nature-inspired and regenerative solutions, constantly looking for the common strands and solutions to problems that are faced by individuals, businesses, societies and the planet.

She has undertaken regenerative leadership and design training. She is the author of Think like a Tree: the natural principles guide to life. She lives in south Derbyshire with her family on their smallholding where they have planted woodlands, forest gardens, veg gardens, orchards, dug ponds and rewilded areas. Wildlife has rocketed in their 20 year guardianship of the land.

JK McQuinn

JK ( Jennie- Kate) McQuinn is the founder of Where the Mind Grows: Nature- Collaborative Coaching for individuals, teams and organisations.

JK helps people & teams adventure into nature to explore & nurture health & happiness. With Nature as a co-facilitator in all that we do at Where the Mind Grows.

With a background working in mental health, employability and leadership (in third, private & public health sectors) JK established her coaching businesses JKChangeWork & Where the Mind Grows ( 2017 +2019).

She helps people find the calm, clarity and confidence to celebrate themselves, enhance their communities and manage the eb and flow of ‘being human’ in a busy world.

Alongside being a Master Practitioner in Neurolinguistic Programming, Advanced IEMT, MBraining practitioner and with over 15 years coaching & personal development experience. JK went on to study ecopsychology and qualified as a Facilitator in the Think Like a Tree Programme. ( JK is Mental Health First Aid & ASIST & Trauma informed approaches trained ).

JK & Sarah have collaborated on the launch of Think Like A Forest a Regenerative Business programme for future-focused organisations.

Where the Mind Grows offer a range of 1:1 Life/Career well-being coaching services, retreats and self-leadership experiences in Nature; working with leaders, teams & organisations through team away days and workplace well-being consultancy/coaching programmes.

JK founded Wild Workspaces in 2023 – A co-working pop-up event in Nature helping business owners & leaders be better connected with Nature in their working day.

JK is at her happiest in nature, walking, camping, wild swimming or reading a good book to inspire personal growth & lifelong learning. Living in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

Testimonials for Think like a Forest

"It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change"

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