Book review. The Regenerative Enterprise by Niels de Fraguier and Stephen Vasconcellos

The Regenerative Enterprise – Leading change at a time of planetary crisis by Niels de Fraguier and Stephen Vasconcellos

This is a comprehensive and easy-to-read exploration of business practices that prioritise a regenerative approach – creating life for people and planet. I would recommend to anyone starting out on their regenerative journey as well as providing a broad framing of the key concepts for seasoned regenerators too.

In fact – if you have someone you want to introduce to regenerative business concepts then this book is a must – the explanations are incredibly clear, so much that regenerative seems like a no-brainer (which it is!)  The authors comprehensively dismantle the expired systems (like GDP and unending growth), gently critique others (like ESG and sustainability) whilst placing regenerative alternatives fully-alive into our frame of view – this is a real talent and much needed if we are to bring the critical mass that we need onboard to reach crucial tipping points toward regenerating life.

The book’s structure is well-organised, making it accessible to both seasoned entrepreneurs and newcomers to the world of sustainable business. It begins by laying out the foundational principles of regenerative enterprise, highlighting the interconnectedness of natural systems and human endeavours. It then progresses into detailed frameworks and methodologies, providing a roadmap for businesses to transition from a linear, extractive model to a circular, regenerative one.

The Regenerative Enterprise is packed with wisdom – nature observations, case studies, indigenous wisdom, practical steps and guiding frameworks.  I particularly liked the indigenous perspectives with indigenous principles given the place that they deserve.  Nature is also present throughout and even I as a nature-loving regenerator learned things about the diversity of our abundant planet.

The authors’ Regenerative Compass framework with its 5 elements:

Purpose, Partners, People, Partners and Places –  is simple to understand, yet packed with depth, with the flexibility for any organisation to find their own unique way for their needs and circumstances.  Combining this with an explicitly nature-inspired decision-making approach would be even better in my opinion so that nature doesn’t get lost as a mentor and guide (there is plenty of natural wisdom elsewhere in the book though).

The Case studies are also gold – one could spend days just going through them, learning from the ways that other businesses have approached regenerative. 

This will definitely be a book that I’ll keep to hand and I’ll be sharing my thoughts in the Inspired by Nature News and on the Think like a Tree blog to help it reach the wider audience that it deserves.

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Sarah Spencer

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