We'd love to welcome you on a one or two day regenerative organisation Experience

About the experience:

Whole day experiences in beautiful woodland locations, allowing you to deeply immerse in the theory and practice of regenerative business/organisations.

We associate forests with growth, creativity, diversity, connection, strength and resilience – characteristics that make for healthy, vibrant, productive workplace too.

Drawing on learning from nature via disciplines such as biomimicry, ecopsychology, biology, systems thinking, regenerative leadership, psychological safety, permaculture and holistic design frameworks, you will explore how to take small steps towards having a healthy organisation modelled on ecosystem design, with wide-ranging benefits for people, productivity, purpose and planet

Both thought-provoking and practical, at the end of the day you will have:

  • An understanding of regenerative business/organisations/leadership
  • How aiming for regenerative makes all the difference compared to aiming for sustainability (differences that impact employee motivation, customer engagement and your bottom line)
  • An overview of our unique 12-strands for Regenerative Success and a deep-dive into 3 of the 12 strands
  • a taster of ecosystem-mapping
  • an understanding of the importance of observing and understanding the whole system
  • an experience of visioning for your yourself, your organisation and the world
  • practical and achievable ideas to take back to your workplace.

You will spend time in nature as part of the sessions and learn how transforming to regenerative involves an ‘inner’ and ‘outer’ journey for both individual and organisation.

You will experience not only what regenerative looks like, but what it feels like on a deeper level – fundamental to creating a new future for your organisation and its wider ecosystem.

Download the EXPERIENCES information booklet