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Inspired-by-Nature News brings you the news, frameworks, tools and resources you need to start or continue your regenerative business journey. 

Regenerative businesses and organisations operate in all sectors and are of all sizes, legal forms and different types of work. 

With a UK-focus, we gather and showcase resources and regenerative inspiration from across the world to make your life easier, so that transitioning to regenerative means lightening your load, not adding to it.

Many people encountering regenerative ideas say they don’t know where to start – we aim to rectify that!

Inspired-by-Nature News will be popping into your inbox each week and you will build up a huge bank of resources, inspiration and practical tools.

Inspired-by-Nature News was founded by Sarah Spencer and JK McQuinn, regenerative mentors and trainers, founders of Think like a Tree and Think like a Forest, and is a collaborative endeavour with the aim of bringing regenerative ways of working to a wider audience.

If you would like to apply to feature your own work, blog, news, events, courses, book reviews, writing etc please subscribe to the newsletter, where you’ll receive information about how to do this. We accept submissions from anyone who is working in a regenerative way, inspired by living systems.

If you would like to apply to sponsor the newsletter then please get in touch. We would value the financial support of a dedicated individual, business or organisation committed to bringing regenerative practices to the mainstream. 

For more information about Think like a Forest regenerative programmes for leaders, changemakers and teams head to  https://www.thinklikeatree.co.uk/for-businesses-and-organisations/