Nature’s Principles for happiness, health, wellbeing and living a simpler life

Release stress and overwhelm and discover how to thrive in a complex and uncertain world in just 15 minutes per day

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Discover how to deeply connect with nature, so you’ll be receptive to the wisdom of the living world

Unlock nature’s secrets to gaining more energy vitality and purpose

Learn how to pause without the guilt factor – discover how seasons and patterns are the key to a balanced life

This course is for you if:

If you’re feeling like this, I want you to know that I get it!
I’ve been there too… and come through the other side.
I'd love to show you how!

Nature’s principles can transform your life if:

(hint: you’re not the problem, our modern world is)

When you learn how to listen, nature teaches you how to fertilise the soil (your soil) so that your passions and your energy grow and your doubts and fears melt away.  

Nature doesn’t do perfection, doubts or guilt, but it does do self-care, action and purpose – you’ll discover those secrets (and many more) inside the course.

We’ll help you to create the ideal conditions to THRIVE!

Hi, I’m Sarah Spencer

I’d love to welcome you to the Think like a Tree: nature’s principles online self-study course

I created the Natural Principles so that everyone can benefit from the wisdom of the forest.

So that you can live the unique and fulfilled life you want, guided by a natural way of thinking and being.

I discovered this new way for myself, integrating it into every aspect of my life, and now I want to share it with you…

Just 15 minutes per day for a month will set you on a path of nature-connection and learning from nature’s wisdom, that will last a lifetime.

During the course, the Natural Principles become your daily guide to living a happy, healthy and fulfilled life.

And they are yours to keep forever – offering you a manual for thriving in the modern world that becomes your source of wisdom and strength every single day.




About the Course:

Nature’s Principles for happiness, health, wellbeing and living a simpler, regenerative life

A self-study course guiding you through 22 natural principles.

Each module contains:

  • A video (recorded outdoors) explaining where we see the natural principle in nature and what you can learn for your own life.
  • An exercise, activity or quiz to complete.
  • An online community of fellow participants to connect with, and share learning.  The course is hosted in partnership with Permaculture Learn and Connect, giving you the benefits of a learning community.

What are the natural principles?

They are the secrets to nature’s success, growth, health, thriving, resilience and abundance.  And because we humans are also part of nature, the same principles apply to us.  Allowing us to transform from the unhealthy ways that the modern world leads us into, to a new, regenerative, healthy and fulfilled way of living.

22 principles, 15 minutes per day, to transform stress, overwhelm and anxiety into abundance, purpose, productivity and self-care.

Learning from nature through the natural principles has transformed the lives of thousands of people – many say that it feels like ‘coming home’, ‘familiar’ ‘right’ and ‘totally natural’.

Nature doesn’t judge, criticise or blame – so when you learn to unlock nature’s way of approaching the world, you’ll always find supportive friends in the forest.  

You’ll learn to accept yourself as you are – valuing your unique being, your talents and your circumstances.

And you’ll know when to accept life as it is, and when to enrich the soil to create new life and new opportunities.

Meet your host for the Course

Sarah is the founder of Think like a Tree and author of Think like a Tree: the natural principles guide to life.

Sarah lives on a beautiful smallholding in the National Forest in Derbyshire (where she recorded the videos for this course). She discovered permaculture design as a means to design her own land, leading to the co-founding and development of a community woodland social enterprise.

Sarah holds a Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design and is a Level 3 Forest School Leader.

She initially developed the Think like a Tree natural principles and design cycle to overcome her own health struggles as she lives with a rare chronic illness. Her journey has now led her to share her insights, knowledge and experience to support and train other people.

What's Included?

Introductory Module:


Discover how a set of natural principles are the new, natural ‘rules for life’. 

Find out where the principles came from.

Meet the trainer

Group 1 principles


Observe and interact

Be part of the natural World

Follow nature’s patterns

Learn from what’s gone before/Engage with the present

Connect with the living world and yourself so you know yourself better – ready to make the transformations you want.

Group 2 principles


Live with purpose

Use your edge

Slow and small solutions

Catch and use energy effectively

Purpose is the key to living a happy and long life – discover your uniqueness and unlock the secrets to unleashing more time and energy in your life.

Group 3 principles


Create ideal conditions to thrive

Waste nothing – recycle everything

Plan for each need to be well supported

Find your niche

Learn how to create the ideal surrounding to thrive – feeding your ‘soil’ and letting go of the inward blame and shame. Discover how to recycle old habits and experiences into something positive.

Group 4 principles


Cultivate cooperative relationships

Share the abundance

Value diversity

Everything is connected, so let go of trying to do it alone – create the connections, collaborations and support that you need to thrive.  Value and share your unique talents with the world.

Group 5 principles


Develop resilience

Creatively respond to change

Tune into nature’s cycles

Life happens – that’s a fact. You’ll learn how to see the unexpected as opportunities, unleashing your unique creativity to springboard yourself into new ways of living and being – just like nature.

Group 6 principles


Invest in the future

Build on strategies that work

Know that your actions can change the world

Be a good ancestor

Ditch the short-term thinking that’s holding you back and, instead, learn to think long-term and big-picture.  A whole host of opportunities for change in your life, and in the world will open up.

Bonus activities and resources

The full list of natural principles, additional activities and further reading and resources.

Continue your journey after the course with additional activities.  

All of the principles can be used again and again – forever.

Through the course you’ll develop a whole new way of looking at your life and the world, which will stay with you long after the course ends.

We call it a new mindset, or a new paradigm – so your life will never be the same again. You’ll have a toolkit for when life gets tough and activities you can revisit when you need them.

 Your only frustration will be that the whole world hasn’t yet caught up with this new, natural, regenerative way of thinking and being!

Once you learn how to live by the natural principles, this is just some of what you can expect:

Everyone is unique so don’t expect tick-box solutions.. but you’ll discover what’s right for you and your unique circumstances…

Is the Think like a Tree nature’s principles self-study course right for you?


Think like a Tree nature’s principles self-study course unlocks nature’s secrets to happiness, health, wellbeing and living a good life in just 15 minutes per day. Setting up the rest of the day to be a place of abundance for you to be the natural, unique being you have always dreamed of.


Limited time 20% discount, only £28 until 30 June 2023. Regular price £35

Answers to Your Questions

Most people who come on the programme have never considered personal development before – they just love nature and know that there’s something not right in how they are feeling right now.

Most personal development programmes will encourage you to ‘look inwards’ – that you are the problem, and if you can just change this or that then they have the magic solution.  Nature has a different approach – guided by living systems, we look at the whole picture – you, your surroundings and the rest of the world – so that any changes you make are rooted in your personal circumstances, and therefore, resilient and sustainable long-term.

Furthermore, the principles aren’t a to-do list or tick-box exercise, they are a set of principles and values for life – in the words of former participants their value is ‘priceless’!

We believe that living as part of nature involves relationships of reciprocity. We won’t encourage you to be a ‘consumer’ of nature, solely for what you can gain.  You’ll discover how to lessen your impact on the rest of the living world, building connection and roots that run deep and strong.

The natural principles were drawn together by Sarah Spencer through her reading and experience of numerous nature-inspired disciplines.  People have been guided by nature for millennia (living systems approaches feature in many ancient and indigenous ways of living), and there are many modern living-systems approaches too.  Sarah is guided by her own in-depth studies of permaculture, systems-thinking and regenerative leadership as well as biomimicry, regenerative cultures and indigenous and ancient philosophies.  42 principles feature in her book Think like a Tree: the natural principles guide to life, and you’ll discover all 42 inside the course, diving in-depth into 22 of them.

No, this is different.  We’re big fans of forest bathing and eco-therapy for connecting with nature.   But in Think like a Tree: nature’s principles you will be LEARNING FROM nature, not simply connecting with nature.  Learning from the principles that make living systems healthy, resilient, abundant, productive and successful.

The Think like a Tree: nature’s principles course was created for EVERYONE to benefit from nature’s wisdom.  Until about 500 years ago this is the way that everyone was living – it’s deep inside of us already, waiting to get out.  The modern world loves to label people as tree-huggers, hippies or woo woo when they are simply connecting with and learning from the living systems that are everywhere.  Living-systems approaches are being used everywhere – from business, to economics, to land design, health, agriculture, engineering, product-design and academia.  The course offers a new way of seeing the world, not blinkered by the consumerist, industrial, machine mindset that dominates our world. 

(p.s if you want to hug trees then that’s all right with us!)

I hear you!  I’ve designed the course to be short on screen-time and long on connection and learning time.  Much of that will be outside in nature.  We encourage you to spend time finding the natural principles in the real world, deeply connecting and learning from living systems.

If you wish, access the course in nature on your phone, for even more nature-time, or download the exercises and take them with you when you’re out.

Don’t worry – you can learn from nature anywhere!  Look for your nearby nature – that might be your local park, small garden, the trees on your street, or even a dandelion pushing up through the concrete ( a great example of resilience!). We can learn from nature everywhere.

University of Derby research shows that noticing your nearby nature, for just 10 minutes each day, will benefit your health and wellbeing.  Learning from nature is that same.

Are you ready to discover which natural principles are the key to unlocking the life that you want?

Imagine you’re free to spend 10 – 30 quality minutes per day in nature, calm, connected, away from the stresses of your life.

You’re noticing the signs around you – signs of growth, health, adaptability, resilience, thriving and abundance.

You feel inwards to your heart beating, the sounds of your breath, your moods and feelings.

Then you notice outwards to the details and patterns of the leaves, and the big picture of the landscape.

You are connecting….   Breathe….

You go deeper, shifting from connecting with nature to learning from living systems – nature is now your guide and mentor.

You’re curious about how nature has evolved such magical ways of creatively responding to difficult times.  How trees and other living beings keep going in times of stress, and beyond that, maximise opportunities that arise.

They accept themselves for who they truly are, they aren’t paralysed or weighed down with their own judgement or guilt.

Now you feel at home – guided by the judgement-free space this has opened up in your life, a place you can be yourself, value your uniqueness, break free from the responsibilities and embrace and be comfortable with the complexities of life.

You instinctively know that this way of thinking, being and doing is where you belong.

You have clarity about what nature is guiding you to change, what nature is guiding you to become.


Straight away.  We’ll send you the link to sign up and you’re good to go.

Yes!  We recommend that you explore a principle every day or every 2 days to maintain the momentum, but it’s up to you how you pace the course.

Permaculture Learn and Connect is the platform we are using for this course- this gives you the opportunity to connect with other people doing the course, and access the platform more widely to connect with people embarking on nature-inspired journeys for many different reasons.

You don’t need to know anything about permaculture for this course.  Sarah studied permaculture but this is not a traditional permaculture course.  All will be explained!

Forever – you can access the materials again and again.

Think like a Tree: nature’s principles is an on-demand, self-study course.  There are no live sessions but you can contact the tutor within the course platform and we will respond as quickly as we can.

If you prefer in-person or live online sessions then check out our Think like a Tree programmes – you’ll design the life you want with nature as your guide, supported by a live tutor and group or 1 to 1 sessions.

Of course – natural principles are freely available for everyone to use.  We ask that if you share the Think like a Tree name that you credit us, that’s all.  If you would like to train as a Think like a Tree facilitator to bring the natural principles and design processes to your audience then please get in touch.

We believe that, in our volatile, uncertain and complex world, everyone needs this invaluable knowledge, skills, and ways of thinking, so we’re offering this on-demand course at a super-affordable rate. This is part of Think like a Tree’s founder, Sarah Spencer’s gift to the world – sharing the abundance as widely as possible.

Fill in your details here, and we’ll email you a link to the course.

If you’ve read all the way down here, then you feel curious and courageous enough to try a new approach to the stresses and overwhelms of our uncertain world.

Right now, you have the choice to remain stuck in the mechanistic-mindset world that the majority of people are silently drowning in, or to try the new, inspiring, nature-inspired regenerative approach.

With nature as your guide and mentor, the doubts fall away and you can begin the journey to discovering your true, nature-inspired, balanced and confident self.