Poem – being part of the earth not apart from it

One of the joys of leading courses is to witness the creativity of the participants. There are so many talented people with deep understanding of what it is to be connected to the earth. Here is a poem that brought a tear to my eye when Llynda read it out to our group a couple of weeks ago. Thank you Llynda for sharing.

Hustle and bustle,
Must do this, must do that.
Scared to let go.
Scared to just be.
If I am busy, I have purpose.

Does it matter how much I have done?
Does it matter how what is left?
Time to look around;
To see and to smile
At those who rush by as I stand still

And breathe, and feel, and learn who I am –
Without a purpose

Creating, art, writing, teaching my Grandchildren.
Being part of the earth instead of apart from it.
Creating my surroundings and enjoying what is already there.
Hoping the world will be a more beautiful place for having been here.

Llynda Baugh 2018


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