Anniversary of Think like a Tree!

My book Think like a Tree: the natural principles guide to life celebrates its 4th birthday this week. I want to reflect on my motivations for writing the book, what has changed in the 4 years since it was published, and why it remains relevant today. Think like a Tree was written in late 2018 […]

Book review: Leading by Nature by Giles Hutchins

Leading by Nature. The process of becoming a regenerative leader by Giles Hutchins To be future-fit, every organisation will need to embrace the way of thinking and acting outlined in this book.  Leading by Nature is comprehensive in its approach, with theory, stages of the regenerative journey, and references to specific tools that Giles recommends […]

A nature-inspired climate-resilient future

The IPPC report ‘Climate Change 2022: Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability makes for somber reading, and the authors stressed that the solutions are as much political and social as scientific.  An accompanying document states: “Targeting a climate resilient, sustainable world involves fundamental changes to how society functions, including changes to underlying values, world-views, ideologies, social structures, […]

The Wilderness Mind Podcast

You can listen to myself and JK chatting about all things nature, biomimicry, permaculture and the many different ways we can learn from nature for our health, wellbeing and living a good life. Available where you usually listen to your podcasts and from https://www.wherethemindgrows.co.uk/naturewellbeingpodcast

Apprentices of nature

Biomimicry Do you have a problem?  The chances are nature has already solved it.  Biomimicry is one field where learning from nature is really making waves.  The phrase was coined by Janine Benyus, whose inspiring TED talks can be seen online.  One of the best places to start is by watching this Youtube video . Janine […]