The birthday phone call that finally revealed my diagnosis

Let me tell you about how my birthday has been fundamental in finding solutions to my health problems and creating a life that I love.  And (spoiler alert) discovering the diagnosis for my 50 year-long illness. In March 2015 I was (mis)diagnosed as having had a stroke and spent the next year pretty much in […]

The Wilderness Mind Podcast

You can listen to myself and JK chatting about all things nature, biomimicry, permaculture and the many different ways we can learn from nature for our health, wellbeing and living a good life. Available where you usually listen to your podcasts and from https://www.wherethemindgrows.co.uk/naturewellbeingpodcast

Why autumn is a great time to plan your life…

I was wondering the other day why the new year is seen as the time to plan your life – ‘new year, new you’ and all that…  It’s a totally artificial human-created timescale.  And one that doesn’t make the most of our natural seasons and rhythms, the ones that we are hard-wired as homo sapiens […]