Silent Spring – Rachel Carson has much to teach us, even 60 years on

Silent Spring by Rachel Carson is a master-class in persuasive writing and a startling prediction of disaster. First published in 1962. Silent Spring brought environmental issues to the forefront of public consciousness, sparking a global environmental movement. Having dipped in and out of this book in the past, I decided, recently, to read it in […]

Anniversary of Think like a Tree!

My book Think like a Tree: the natural principles guide to life celebrates its 4th birthday this week. I want to reflect on my motivations for writing the book, what has changed in the 4 years since it was published, and why it remains relevant today. Think like a Tree was written in late 2018 […]

The birthday phone call that finally revealed my diagnosis

Let me tell you about how my birthday has been fundamental in finding solutions to my health problems and creating a life that I love.  And (spoiler alert) discovering the diagnosis for my 50 year-long illness. In March 2015 I was (mis)diagnosed as having had a stroke and spent the next year pretty much in […]

Where do I start?

Where do I start is so often the first thought when we want to make changes in our life.  It can be overwhelming when there is so much information, so many ideas, and competing approaches. Instead of being productive we end up paralysed, which increases stress, overwhelm and feelings of guilt. Nature has several important […]

FREE webinar and slides Design your regenerative life with nature as your guide

Leave your details and we’ll email you the replay plus slides/activities. Your email address will be added to the Think like a Tree email list.  We don’t send spam, just info on courses, workshops, books and other useful stuff.   Overview: We associate woodlands, forests and other natural ecosystems with growth, connection, adaptation and resilience, […]

Think like a Tree shortlisted for Lush Spring Prize!

Think like a Tree shortlisted for international Lush Spring Prize 2023 73 projects from around the world have been shortlisted for the £225,000 Lush Spring Prize for environmental and social regeneration. The 2023 Lush Spring Prize received over 350 applications, with over 40 countries being represented in the final shortlist with applications from every continent […]

Free regenerative questions download

Here are 12 key nature-inspired questions to kick-start your regenerative journey. The Think like a Tree design cycle has been created to help you design the life you want.. It starts with Observation and you’ll notice that Action occurs at phase 8 – only after you’ve done all the preparatory work (that’s why the icon […]

Sarah’s journey to Think like a Tree (video)

I’m Sarah Spencer and in this video I’m going to tell you a bit about me, my background and how I came to establish Think like a Tree. I’ll also share photos of my smallholding in South Derbyshire, showing how I’ve used permaculture to design productive spaces for myself, my family and the other living […]