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You can listen to myself and JK chatting about all things nature, biomimicry, permaculture and the many different ways we can learn from nature for our health, wellbeing and living a good life. Available where you usually listen to your podcasts and from

Why autumn is a great time to plan your life…

I was wondering the other day why the new year is seen as the time to plan your life – ‘new year, new you’ and all that…  It’s a totally artificial human-created timescale.  And one that doesn’t make the most of our natural seasons and rhythms, the ones that we are hard-wired as homo sapiens […]

What is Think like a Tree?

From my own woodland in Derbyshire, England, I explain the ideas behind Think like a Tree and how nature can show us how to live a good life.

The natural principles

There are patterns common to all living things. These have been developed into a set of principles. I’ve gathered some from permaculture, some from biomimicry, and others I have simply observed myself in nature, when walking in forests, woodlands, gardens, moors, seashores, mountains and grasslands. These patterns and principles are all around us, hiding in […]

My top ten ways to stick two fingers up to the climate denial movement

Today’s Observer newspaper contains an interesting article about how the climate denial movement has transformed into the climate confusion movement. In this article I suggest ways we, as individuals, can avoid playing into their hands. I live my life inspired by natural systems – the ways they have been successful for 3.8 billion years, […]

Know that your actions can change the world

I was inspired to share this excerpt from my book Think like a Tree: The natural principles guide to life for the benefit of all those people out there who feel worried about the state of the world and feel somewhat powerless when it comes to taking action – be inspired by trees… Natural principle: […]

Wilding by Isabella Tree – book review

Wilding. The return of nature to a British farm, by Isabella Tree. Despite never having visited Isabella’s Knepp estate in Sussex I already know that I will feel at home – with the diversity of species, of trees, plants, scrub, ‘weeds’, birds, insects, mammals, amphibians and reptiles, not to mention the fertile soil, fungi and […]

Wellbeing without nature?

I’ve just returned from a full-on four days in London at the UK’s largest wellbeing festival. Held in Olympia, a Victorian-built exhibition space, we stood and talked to thousands of people on how essential nature and trees are to wellbeing, and 99.9% of people we spoke to agreed.  We heard about favourite trees (including an […]

Develop resilience

When it comes to resilience our tree cousins are masters. They are undoubtedly our best teachers, having learned numerous tactics over hundreds of millions of years. Fortunately, we can shortcut our own journey towards resilience by employing many of their methods. The definition of resilience is to be able to bounce back after difficult experiences, […]