Rooted Leadership talk at Disrupt HR

Want to hear regenerative leadership explained in 5 minutes? Here’s a video of me speaking at Disrupt HR event in Nottingham. If you’d like to discuss me appearing as a speaker at your event or workplace you can email me here.

Book Review of No More Gold Stars by Carol Sanford

In “No More Gold Stars,” Carol Sanford challenges conventional notions of achievement and success. Carol is a renowned business consultant and educator and what struck me about this book about how it impacts the whole of life, extending beyond the corporate realm to dissect the deeply ingrained societal obsession with linear notions of achievement and […]

Book review – Sand Talk: how indigenous thinking can save the world by Tyson Yunkaporta

To create a regenerative future we will need to re-evaluate not only our relationship with the non-human beings that inhabit the earth, but with the indigenous humans who have been guardians of the wisdom of how to live ‘sustainably’. Tyson Yunkaporta’s important book shares the complexities of allowing us Westerners into the aboriginal world – […]

Book review of Indirect Work by Carol Sanford

I first encountered this book during my regenerative leadership residential training and admit taking it to bed and rushing through it in a night. At the heart of the book is a story – of Phil Jackson’s approach to the Chicago Bulls in the 1980s and his belief that basketball is fundamentally a collaborative activity with […]

Book review. The Regenerative Enterprise by Niels de Fraguier and Stephen Vasconcellos

The Regenerative Enterprise – Leading change at a time of planetary crisis by Niels de Fraguier and Stephen Vasconcellos This is a comprehensive and easy-to-read exploration of business practices that prioritise a regenerative approach – creating life for people and planet. I would recommend to anyone starting out on their regenerative journey as well as […]

Be a good ancestor

It’s heartening to hear talk of values in this article about climate tipping points.  I’ve long believed that simply stating the science and advocating action will not be enough to move beyond the climate crisis, let alone deal with the multiple intersecting and relating crises that we are facing. https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2023/oct/25/climate-crisis-threatens-tipping-point-of-uninsurable-homes-says-un “Sebasvari said values need to […]

The fable of the leader, the wise woman and the basket of strands

To create a new, regenerative future we are going to need to write new stories and use creative methods to share our vision for the future with the world. This fable came to me (Sarah Spencer) in a dream in July 2023: Once upon a time, in a bustling kingdom, there lived a business leader […]

Permaculture Vine Podcast

My recent appearance on Permaculture Vine Podcast, talking about permaculture, regenerative business and my own journey to becoming a regenerative mentor and trainer.

Think like a Forest

Here’s a blog post that appears on the Permaculture Association blog.  In it I share some key insights for businesses and organisations wanting to transition to regenerative ways of  working  Here’s a link to the full post  My name is Sarah Spencer and I’m the founder of Think like a Tree (for individuals) and Think […]