Think like a Tree: Natural Principles Cards


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  • 52 Cards with Natural Principles in 6 categories
  • Each card has journaling questions and prompts
  • 6 creative suggestions for using the cards

These natural principles can be found in all healthy ecosystems. They are nature’s secrets to success.

They offer us a vital guide to happiness, health, wellbeing and living a purposeful life – because we are all part of nature.

The principles also share lost wisdom about how all life can thrive on planet Earth, even in challenging times. They are an alternative to extractive and harmful practices, allowing us to creative conditions for more life to grow.

These principles have been brought together by Sarah Spencer, author of Think like a Tree: the natural principles guide to life.

They are gathered from many sources including permaculture, biomimicry, regenerative practices, ancient and indigenous wisdom and from observations in the forest.

Original artwork by Keir Elliott Spencer – a unique drawing for each group of principles.

Suggestions for using the cards:

  • an ideal companion for your walks in nature
  • small enough to fit in your pocket
  • use as journaling or thinking prompts
  • share with your friends and family
  • use to ensure healthy life decisions
  • as a guide for making changes
  • use for group facilitation
  • guide your design processes (Think like a Tree, permaculture, biomimicry, regenerative design etc)


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Plastic-free cards and box

Printed on FSC card

Plastic-free packaging (we’ll post them direct using reused materials where possible)

Fully recyclable (yet durable enough to take outdoors with you)


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