Inspired by Trees: Creative Workbook. Wellbeing for you and our world



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Unlock nature’s secrets to your happiness, health and wellbeing …

Inspired by Trees offers accessible, fun and thought-provoking ways to learn from the wisdom of trees so you can transform the way you think about yourself and the world.

  • Get to know a tree through the seasons…
  • Recall a childhood encounter in the outdoors…
  • Discover what nature’s patterns can teach you …
  • Find out how to lead a simpler, happier and more connected life …

Its beautifully illustrated pages are packed with practical exercises and inspirational messages to spark your creativity, encouraging you to write, draw, create and ponder. Conscious and green living tips will help transform your love of the natural world into positive action.

The workbook also reveals natural principles that are the living world’s secrets to success, growth, problem-solving and resilience. We are part of the natural world, so these principles can guide us if we know how to access them.

From Sarah Spencer bestselling author of Think like a Tree: the natural principles guide to life, with engaging watercolour illustrations by her daughter Eva, this is the journal you’ll want to take with you every time you set foot outdoors.

What are the benefits?

Spending time in nature has numerous benefits for health and wellbeing. Studies show that connecting with nature has benefits for your heart, breathing, immune system and can decrease symptoms of many illnesses. It’s good for sleep too. Nature-connection improves mental wellbeing – through increased happiness, but it also improves the wellbeing that comes with self-acceptance, personal growth and finding meaning and purpose in life.

However, to feel the maximum benefit you need to pause, observe, listen and learn from what the living world is telling you. Think about this in terms of moments spent creating relationships with other living beings, not simply minutes spend in the outdoors. Noticing nature (beyond simply being outdoors) has been proven for wellbeing and this workbook will guide you through simple exercises that will leave you feeling relaxed and revitalized, helping to decrease the stresses of everyday life.

Exercises are practical, thoughtful, creative and mindful, offering a wide range of benefits, that everyone can enjoy every day.

What are the natural principles referred to in this book?

All living beings share patterns that have evolved over billions of years. These are the secrets of success for:

  • finding purpose
  • growth and success
  • building resilience
  • creating ideal conditions to thrive
  • developing positive relationships
  • leaving a lasting legacy

Because we are part of the living world, we can learn from these natural principles and you’ll discover how throughout the book.

Creativity for everyone, everywhere.

Everyone can find their own creativity. This book is for those who need to find calm, balance and peace in a stressful world, and anyone who’s experiencing: stress, burnout, depression, anxiety, mental health issues, chronic illness, relationship problems, issues with motivation, emotional and mood problems, and more… Use the workbook to: write, draw, make, observe, journal, doodle, plan, colour, reflect, take action, connect and discover

The book can be used wherever you are – in a garden, yard, park or wilderness- nature is all around. Just ten minutes per day can be enough to significantly improve wellbeing for you and for our world.