Think like a Tree – Nature’s Principles Self-Study course




Think like a Tree – Nature’s Principles self-study course

Unlock nature’s secrets for happiness, health, wellbeing and living a simpler, regenerative life

Start at any time… Learn the principles at your own pace…

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All living things share natural principles that allow them to grow, stay healthy, be adaptable, develop resilience, become connected and pass on what they’ve learned.

We humans are living beings too, so if we can learn to access the wisdom of the forest we can live happier, healthier, simpler, yet more productive lives ourselves.

This self-led course from Sarah Spencer, founder of Think like a Tree, and author of Think like a Tree: the natural principles guide to life, shares 22 natural principles harnessed from disciplines such as permaculture, biomimicry, systems-thinking and regenerative cultures and unlocks how we humans can learn from the wisdom that has developed an abundance of life for the past 3.8 billion years.

Each module explores one natural principle and contains a video that shares insight of where we might see that wisdom in nature, and what we could learn from it for our own life.

Each module also contains an activity, exercise or quiz to deepen the learning, ensuring that you’ll complete the course having reflected and made many positive changes to you life.

Think like a Tree offers three inter-connected phases on your regenerative, nature-inspired journey:

  1. Deeply connect with nature (via activities we’ll share with you)
  2. Learn from nature’s wisdom (via the natural principles throughout the course)
  3. Take action – make the changes you want to see in your life, your surroundings and our world (through the activities and exercises we’ll guide you through).

The Nature’s Principles course also encourages you to share your insights with others via the Permaculture Learn and Connect community course platform so you’ll never feel alone on your nature-inspired journey.

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Investment: £35