FREE webinar – Unlock Your Team’s Potential: A Regenerative Approach to Workplace Fulfilment 7 February



FREE Webinar – Join us for an engaging and interactive 1.5-hour webinar hosted by regenerative guides and trainers Sarah Spencer and JK McQuinn, from the “Think like a Forest Regenerative Organisation Fundamentals” program.

Date: Wednesday 7 February 

Time: 12.30 – 2pm


Discover the Power of Regenerative Approaches: 

With just 10%(1) of workers in the UK feeling engaged at work, and 38%(2) sharing that they feel lots of daily stress, it’s time to transform your team’s dynamics. To add to the problems of ‘business as usual’ over 64%(3) of 16 – 34 year olds (the leaders of the future) cite sustainability as important in their choice of employer. Learn how regenerative strategies can breathe new life into your workplace, fostering satisfaction, collaboration, and innovation.

Overcoming Leadership Challenges:

In this webinar, Sarah and JK share proven techniques to inspire motivation, mitigate burnout, and foster an environment where every team member can thrive. Gain insights into transforming challenges into opportunities, harnessing the power of emergence inherent in living systems.

A thriving team as part of a thriving organisation and a healthy Earth

Learn how uniting your team behind a common purpose, and in alignment with the wisdom of living systems (Nature) boosts your bottom line whilst improving wellbeing for people and planet

What to Expect:

– **Insightful Discussions:** Dive into the core principles of regenerative thinking and its application in the business and organisational landscape.

– **Practical Strategies:** Gain actionable tips to implement regenerative approaches, creating a thriving work environment.

– **Free resources**

What is regenerative leadership?

Regenerative leadership, inspired by the wisdom of living systems (Nature), transcends conventional management practices. It involves learning from the balance and adaptability found in nature to create a workplace that flourishes by harnessing the untapped potential for everyone to grow, thrive and contribute to a common purpose. Discover how regenerative leaders prioritise employee wellbeing, nurture innovation, and instil a culture of healthy growth, drawing insights from the resilience of living systems. 

Join us to explore how this holistic approach can be the driving force behind positive change, steering your team toward heightened satisfaction, resilience, success and ecological, economic and social sustainability. 


📆 **Date & Time:**

7 February 2024

12.30 – 2pm


🌐 **Where:** 

Zoom (Replay Available)


💼 Hosts:

Sarah Spencer and JK McQuinn bring their wealth of experience from the “Think like a Forest Regenerative Organisation Fundamentals” program, offering invaluable insights into regenerative leadership.


🎟️ Cost:

Absolutely FREE! Seize this opportunity to elevate your team’s satisfaction and performance and have your questions answered, without any financial commitment.


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✨ Empower your team, foster satisfaction, and revolutionise your workplace with regenerative strategies. Join us for this exclusive webinar – because your team and your organisation deserves to thrive  ✨


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